As a leading international fund services provider, we offer an extensive depth and breadth of services, administering funds for 120 investment managers and 25 fund sponsors, totalling over $200 billion in assets under administration and $17 billion in assets under management.


The year Maitland was founded in Luxembourg

What we do

In line with best practice, fund managers engage Maitland to obtain independent administration, reduce technology investment, mitigate operational risk, and access a platform for product construction, growth and innovation.

Who we are

We leverage strong values and a collaborative culture to build trusted relationships with our clients and provide tailored end-to-end solutions that embrace complexity and deliver simplicity.

Diversity matters

Maitland is committed to building and supporting a diverse and inclusive culture. We stand against any form of racism and believe in equality of opportunity, while promoting a culture of respect and co-operation.

As a united workforce, we celebrate and respect our diversity, skills and responsibilities in working towards a shared vision, together.

Through our diversity–first recruitment protocols we look to continue to increase diversity in our organisation and leadership.

The latest edition of Intouch is out now

In this edition of Intouch, we are delighted to share the news of Apex Group’s recent acquisition of Maitland. We interview Apex CEO, Peter Hughes, and explain how the group is leading the way in offsetting carbon emissions.

We also identify catalysts for further digitalisation, explore key points for consideration when structuring an incentive fee model, and provide an in-depth view of investment trusts. On the human front, we hear from staff who joined Maitland during the COVID-19 lockdown, explore the importance of mentorship in employee development, and highlight the fantastic work that LEAP Science & Maths Schools are doing with the youth in some of South Africa’s most vulnerable communities.

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