Data Protection Compliance

Compliance with Data Protection Law & Regulation

We are committed to protecting personal data and complying with data protection legislation in all territories in which we operate.This includes the General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR” and local data protection laws in the jurisdictions in which the Maitland Group operates.

We apply the highest data protection standard available across all Maitland entities consistently in accordance with the GDPR to ensure that we:

  • have a legal basis to process personal data of natural living persons
  • are transparent with data subjects regarding processing of their personal data
  • take appropriate organisational and technical security measures to protect personal data
  • inform data subjects of their Rights 

The GDPR harmonises free movement of personal data within the European Union. The European Commission may also grant certain countries an adequacy status; such countries currently include the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey and Switzerland.

Protection is in place for data processed outside the European Union in countries which do not have adequacy status from the Commission (e.g. South Africa) due to the adoption of the highest standard of data protection across the Maitland group. For more information email moc.puorgdnaltiam@noitcetorpatad for a copy of applicable safeguards.

Representative Offices

When a Maitland entity located outside the EU processes the personal data of a data subject who is in the EU it must designate a representative in the EU. Our representative in the EU is our Luxembourg Office. Data subjects and supervisory authorities can address any issues relating to data protection to the representative in the EU in addition to or instead of the Maitland entity located outside the EU. For Maitland entities outside the EU that process personal data of a non EU resident data subject, the representative office details can be found in our Privacy Notice.

Supervisory Bodies

Data subjects can make a complaint to their supervisory authority including, for EU data subjects, the Member State in which they reside or work or the place of the alleged infringement.

European Data Protection Supervisors  

UK Information Commissioner’s Office  

Guernsey Data Protection Authority  


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