Portfolio Management & Order Management

NX Manager

NX Manager supports the full portfolio lifecycle. This includes portfolio modelling and benchmarking portfolios. Via NX Manager Maitland’s clients and their traders can manage their order book efficiently.

Compliance (Pre-trade, Post-trade Regulatory and Mandate)

NX Manager

All compliance requirements whether regulatory and / or as agreed in the portfolio mandate, are configured in the NX Manager Compliance module, where orders and trades are evaluated against the rule set(s) in place. The system will highlight all compliance violations. These include warnings, escalation to the compliance officer for release and full embargo. The compliance function provides a full audit trail. Through the compliance module, the life-cycle of the violation can be managed online through to resolution.

Fund Administration


Our back office system, InvestOne, is utilised for traditional fund and CISCA Hedge Fund administration and accounting. The functionality includes transaction and corporate action processing, position keeping, fund valuation & accounting, unitisation and reporting with an online trial balance produced daily.

The InvestOne data feeds a data warehouse daily, from which a catalogue of 200+ daily, monthly and quarterly reports are readily available.


FIS Investran is an integrated application suite that automates front, middle and back-office processes for private equity and alternative investment firms.

Investran helps improve business efficiencies to facilitate collaboration, support deal flow and automate accounting. Firms rely on Investran’s integrated capabilities to help meet their needs in the entire investment life-cycle, including relationship management, reporting, monitoring, accounting, fund raising and deal pipeline management.


Xceptor is a specialist pricing engine used within the Maitland security pricing process to gather and validate security prices prior to loading to the Maitland platform. The price scrubbing process includes:

  • Comparison to T-1
  • Comparison to an alternate independent source
  • Zero price escalations
  • Stale price escalations

Transfer Agency


tCube, developed by Zubat Nine, accommodates all transfer agency functions, including maintaining the unitholder register, related financial transactions, and regulatory requirements. tCube has been integrated with the extended Maitland TA platform supporting reporting, investor correspondence, workflow, and importantly integrating with Maitland’s fund accounting solution, InvestOne.


Flexcube is provided by Oracle and used by the Maitland Transfer Agency team for the administration of Unit Trust, Retirement and Life Products. Flexcube is used to maintain the broker information, unit register, transactional data, product and tax rules, fees, reporting, for retail and institutional investors.


Silica is used by the Maitland Transfer Agency team for the administration of Unit Trusts to maintain the broker information, unit register, transactional data, fees, reporting for retail and institutional investors.

Traditional, Hedge and Multi-Manager Fund Integration Platform


iWay, an integration platform from Information Builders, allows for the construction of integration solutions. Maitland use this framework in the integration of data from Bloomberg, SWIFT, Charles River and other bespoke sources to all internal platforms like NXManager, Invest One, Geneva and Aderant. Maitland also uses the framework to integrate data from these internal platforms to external platforms.

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