Capital Markets and Structured Finance Services

Specialist directorship and trustee services

We offer a comprehensive range of services that range from the formation and ongoing administration of the trust and company entities, to accepting appointments as trustees and providing for directors to these.

Outsourced administrator and investor reporting

Maitland is a leader in the management of structured and securitisation finance entities. We provide both outsourced administration services and outsourced backup servicing solutions. We understand that any finance related vehicle is established for a bespoke purpose and that the requirements differ from structure to structure. We work closely together with our clients to create tailor-made administration solutions in line with the transaction documents and best suited for investor reporting requirements.

Backup servicer

Maitland acts as backup servicer for a range of securitisation SPVs and asset classes.

The Maitland backup servicing offering is a ‘warm’ backup solution, utilising our client’s own servicing system rather than a generic Maitland system, given the bespoke nature of many client asset portfolios and asset pool servicing systems.

On appointment, the Maitland core team is trained on the primary servicer’s system as the backup servicer and receives regular refresher training to stay up to speed on the operation of the client’s system as updates are made.


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