Security and Agency

We understand that one of your priority requirements is to fully trust us with independently holding and diligently looking after a key component of the syndicated lending and other structured finance transactions that you are involved in. We work closely with all major law firms, banks, arrangers, insurers, asset and fund managers, private equity and various other financial services firms.

Security entities and agency

We provide specialist independent directors and trustees to security vehicles and trusts, both for syndicated lending and various other structured finance transactions. Our duties include ensuring that security vehicles and trusts are at all times in a state of full compliance and preparedness to act prior to or in the event of a default.


This includes the provision of trustees to owner trusts, through to acting as trustees in employment incentive schemes and black economic empowerment trusts. Our duties include full trust administration, governance and compliance.

Escrow agent

We can provide escrow agent services to facilitate the specific needs of various types of finance and M&A transactions. Our mandates include the release of cash on completion of conditions precedent and temporary holding various other financial assets, such as shares, subject to the terms of the transaction documents. We have arrangements with local and international banks for establishing escrow accounts to facilitate more effective and efficient KYC processes.

Calculation, facility and process agent

Our duties include but are not limited to the calculation of amounts due and payable and monitoring whether or not any covenant breaches have occurred. We also receive and distribute notices and other correspondence on behalf of the lenders and other finance parties, using our registered address for domicile purposes.

Paying agent

We  provide the service of paying agent where we act as the agent responsible for transferring the payments owing to the various transaction parties.


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