Maitland Electronic Communications Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy when dealing with your personal information. The Maitland Electronic Communications Policy (Policy), which should be read in conjunction with the Maitland Privacy Policy, provides additional information about how we will use electronic media in our interaction with you (you, your). The Policy also supplements and forms part of any agreements we have with each other. References to Maitland, we or us or our, are to each and all Maitland companies, agents consultants and subcontractors, or authorized third parties whom we use to interact with you. 

The Maitland Privacy Policy applies to anyone (you, your) who interacts with us, who enquires about our products and services or who makes use of them, via any media including: electronic media such as email, website, apps, telephone etc. You may be a Maitland client, Maitland employee, agent or consultant providing services to Maitland or to whom Maitland is providing services.

The Policy applies as follows:

  1. If you use electronic systems (electronic systems means our website | our portal | a Maitland-provided email address | any future electronic system) to interact with us, you agree that we may:
    • respond to you via electronic communications
    • access and process your personal information including the contents of your communications and files associated with the purpose as set out in the Maitland Privacy Policy; and
    • act upon your electronic communications instead of any physically delivered documentation, including original signed communications you have provided regardless of whether you choose to continue to provide us communications in physical originally signed form.
  2. In addition you also acknowledge and agree that:
    • you will abide by the Policy and other sections of the Maitland Privacy Policy such as our Cookie Policy
    • any obligation on us to deliver communications to you, including statements, reports, invoices and other documents or messages connected to the services we provide you with, will be delivered by us posting this information on a secure portal to which you have been provided access, or to any electronic address(es) you have provided to us
    • in order to continue interacting with you electronically and / or providing you with your chosen product or service, you will update your contact details (with your Maitland contact) if they change in any way
    • you will provide your Maitland contact with details of your authorized users upon whose instructions Maitland may rely, and update authorized user information with your Maitland contact as and when it changes from time-to-time
    • we may choose to not use electronic communications with you. In such a case, we will first advise you of this decision and agree with you an alternative method of communication. You will not hold us liable if we choose not to interact with you via electronic communications
    • you will be responsible for your own systems when you are interacting with us electronically and be solely liable for any losses incurred as a result of the use of your systems
    • as we are providing services using third party systems and networks we are unable to guarantee that you will have uninterrupted services at all times and therefore you will not hold us liable for any interruption to your services or for any failure of any third party systems. You will without undue delay report to your Maitland contact any issues with using our electronic systems.

We will place any updates to this Policy from time to time on our website. When we change this Policy in a material way, a notice will be posted on our website along with the updated Policy.


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