Front and middle office services

Maitland provides a comprehensive investment operations service that offers a fully hosted and administered portfolio management solution for client use and also fulfils the functions traditionally performed in an investment manager’s ‘middle office’.

Front office implementation and support

  • NX Manager is a globally recognised front office portfolio management system covering pre-trade investment compliance, portfolio modelling and asset allocation, and FIX order management and execution capabilities
  • Maitland has a dedicated team of staff to perform the initial implementation and training for new clients, as well as ongoing support

External front office integration support

  • Maitland’s environment includes a highly robust integration adaptor to plug our back office into fund manager systems such as Bloomberg AIM and Charles River
  • Maitland has a dedicated team of staff to perform the initial implementation for new clients as well as ongoing support

Middle office – securities trade confirmation and settlement

  • Trade confirmation and settlement processing
  • The trade processing team takes unconfirmed trade instructions directly from the investment manager for matching with the broker. We enable end-to-end straight through processing (STP) through the use of electronic instruction and automated matching services through OMGEO
  • Our core platform enables the trade matching and accounting functions to be initiated with the input of a single trade instruction, eliminating the need for reconciliation and potential error
  • Once confirmed the trade is passed directly to the custodian for settlement via SWIFT messaging

Fund valuation and accounting

Maitland provides a comprehensive fund accounting, valuation and pricing service for a wide range of fund types and jurisdictions including open ended investment companies, unit trusts, investment trusts, tax elective funds, venture capital trusts and limited partnerships.

  1. NAV calculation and fund pricing
  2. Corporate action processing
  3. Dividend and income processing
  4. Cash administration
  5. Fund reconciliation

Value added services

Maitland offers a number of optional value added services to clients over and above our core fund administration service offering:

  1. Fund of fund dealing and settlement
  2. Master accounting
  3. Investment compliance reporting
  4. Enhanced daily reporting support
  5. Performance & attribution reporting
  6. Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  7. External audit support services


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