Brompton Asset Management is a young investment management firm staffed by experienced people. Our services include private client fund management, the management of investment funds and direct real estate investment. Our aim is to provide outstanding risk-adjusted returns over the long term. As a young firm, we have built an investment offering designed to meet the needs of today’s investors while supporting our asset management team by recruiting talented people in administration. The firm is headed by John Duffield and senior colleagues who worked with him at Jupiter Asset Management and New Star Asset Management. They have constructed Brompton as a limited liability partnership in which all staff participate. This enables them to benefit from our success so we share the same goals. Our corporate objective is to build Brompton as a dynamic business focused on enhancing the interests of our clients.

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MI Brompton UK Recovery Unit Trust

The Fund aims to grow your capital.

The Fund will invest mainly in UK companies that are experiencing trading difficulties or that the manager considers to be undervalued.

The Fund will only use derivatives (financial instruments whose value is linked to the rise and fall of other assets) and foreign exchange contracts for the purposes of efficient portfolio management, with the aim of managing risk and cost.


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Maitland’s fund administration and third-party management company businesses have been acquired by Apex Group, a global provider of financial services.

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