ManCo Services

United Kingdom

Maitland provides fiduciary oversight, fund set-up and ManCo services as part of being an Authorised Corporate Director (ACD), Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) or Unit Trust Manager (UTM).

As the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated ACD, AIFM or UTM we are responsible for the set-up, oversight and operation of the chosen fund structure. We work with the fund sponsor to define the optimum fund structure for the project, such as a UCITS, NURS or QIS, and will draw up the fund prospectus and necessary supporting documentation for submission to the FCA for approval.

MI Fund Data

Maitland Institutional Services provides fund administration services to funds managed by a number of independent investment managers.

MI Investment Trusts

Maitland Institutional Services provides investment trust services directly to investment trust companies and also to independent investment managers and other service providers.



Maitland has developed a powerful end-to-end AIFMD compliant solution that enables alternative investment fund managers, including private equity and real estate (PERE) managers, to navigate the regulatory landscape and concentrate on their core activities and strengths while providing them access to markets and products.

The solution offers a combination of:

  • a Luxembourg-based AIFMD compliant management company which is a subsidiary of Maitland and authorised by the Luxembourg regulator, the CSSF, to operate as an external AIFM; and
  • a fund vehicle (Specialised Investment Fund or SIF), which provides investors and managers with a complete platform that is AIFMD compliant. This enables the AIFM to take advantage of the EU marketing passport and/or to promote the relevant fund as one that meets the stringent AIFMD compliance requirements.

As a fund manager, you partner with Maitland. MS Management Services S.A. becomes the external AIFM to your funds. We assume responsibility for all of the duties envisaged in the AIFMD including risk management, compliance monitoring, regulatory reporting and investor due diligence; and we appoint a depositary as required.

PERE licence

In addition to hedge funds and fund of funds, our AIFM services also cover private equity and real estate funds and we believe that our PERE solution – integrated management company and full suite administration PERE services, including in-house PERE legal advisory services - sets us apart from most other ManCo service providers.

RAIF services

With our AIFMD infrastructure already in place, Maitland was well positioned to provide a client solution for the Luxembourg Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF). Aimed specifically at ‘well-informed investors’, the RSIF removes the double layer of regulation imposed at both the manager and product level, dramatically improves time-to-market and has the added advantage of accessing the EU marketing passport provided by the AIFMD.

SuperManco status

Maitland qualifies as a SuperManco, having both UCITS and AIFM capabilities. We are one of the first fund administrators to make use of the UCITS IV passporting regime and operate a cross-border UCITS manco.

Risk & compliance services

Maitland understands the pressures on sponsors and fund managers to comply with the ever changing regulatory landscape, continual developments and requirements.

Our legal, risk and compliance team manage the day-to-day oversight of our funds; monitoring against the investment risk profiles, investment limits, liquidity risks, objective requirements and global exposures, ensuring continued compliance with regulations.


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