Maitland has offered independent third-party administration since 1990 and has provided hedge fund administration in
South Africa since 2005. While we are well known for our long-only capabilities, one of our best kept secrets is that we are
also one of the largest hedge fund administrators in the industry – as well as the only independent hedge fund administrator in
South Africa.

How Maitland can help you

In line with best practice, fund managers engage Maitland to obtain independent administration, reduce technology investment and operational risk, and access a platform for product construction and innovation.

Our services span fund accounting (assets) to shareholder services (liabilities), across a broad range of asset classes, structures and fund types, supporting the front to middle and back office. Our clients trade in 77 countries across 138 stock exchanges. If as a manager you wish to launch a new product or domicile a product offshore, we can accommodate you.

What this means for you as a fund manager or ManCo is that you can deal with one service provider so that you can focus on generating alpha and servicing your clients.

We administer approximately R30 billion in CIS hedge fund assets under management, servicing eight out of the 15 CIS ManCos registered in South Africa.

Clients outsource to us, not only because we are  specialists in hedge fund administration, but also because we can accommodate all their products on one platform – be it traditional, hedge or private equity.

How are we going to help grow the hedge fund industry?

In April 2015 South Africa became the first country to put in place comprehensive regulation for hedge fund products. This provides a much-needed structure for making hedge funds marketable to new investors. Leveraging our long-only expertise, Maitland is active for LISP investment onto our platform. Furthermore;

  • When a ManCo decides to go onto a LISP platform, we have the necessary systems and processes to deliver within LISP SLA requirements.
  • We offer a number of daily priced, daily dealing models, including T0 hard NAV pricing.
  • Our daily funds are fully Finswitch enabled.
  • We provide ASISA reporting as a standard amongst a host of other industry reports.

Fast facts

  • Maitland’s hedge fund team is made up of 45 specialists, many of whom developed our offering from the start or have evolved from their original roles within this growing industry.
  • We have 15 years of experience in hedge fund administration.
  • 65% of our hedge fund clients use Maitland for other fund services.
  • Offshore ManCo – we can accommodate your offshore growth through our ManCos i.a. in Mauritius, Guernsey, Luxembourg and the UK.
  • We have been ISAE 3402 accredited since 2005
  • We are an active member of ASISA

Case study

Laurium Capital has been a client of Maitland since their inception in 2008. They started their relationship with Maitland when they launched their Laurium Long Short fund with R100 million. Laurium has since grown assets under management to around R22 billion.

Through Laurium’s 10 year journey to becoming one of South Africa’s most consistent and innovative fund managers, especially with their Pan-African research capability, Maitland has assisted them across many endeavours, including providing legal counsel when setting up their offshore Cayman fund structures. We provide administration services to these offshore funds as well as three CISCA hedge funds. The Maitland team helped facilitate the transition into the regulated CISCA world. Just recently, two of these CISCA hedge funds have launched daily classes and are ready for LISP investment.

Through collaboration and trust we have built lasting relationships with our clients and intend to remain the leaders in fund administration to service their needs.

After attending the 10th HedgeNews Africa annual hedge fund symposium and awards ceremony Cape Town in late February, Jeanni Andrag-Coetzee, Senior Manager – Hedge Fund Client Management, believes there has never been a more compelling case for hedge funds in South Africa.


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