Kavitha Ramachadran

With an entrenched African footprint and European foundation, Maitland was ideally positioned to provide deep expertise and a vertically integrated multi-jurisdictional service offering recently to a major fund client which required a unique solution.

Transfer Agency has evolved to become a leader in best-of-breed technology, embraced a changing regulatory landscape, introduced innovative automation, and created new opportunities for specialist careers.

Carleen Bruce, Lead: Robotics Process Automation, outlines Maitland’s journey to date in Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and how we are optimising synergies between human and robotic elements to produce best-practice processes.

Andre le Roux, Head of Business Development and Client Management (Africa), chatted to Patrick Cairns, the Editor of Citywire SA, about the hedge fund industry in South Africa.

Shanaaz Parker and Lynn Alkana were recently interviewed by HFM Talent Index, where they shared their learnings and best practices with regards to running a successful graduate programme.

Are you a UK resident that has invested, or is looking to invest, in cryptoassets? Yvonne Steyn, Senior Associate in London, explains how you will be taxed, why this is important, and how to navigate this complex landscape.

Paul Wiseman and the Maitland Investment Services team share their views on inflation-linked bonds and discuss how there is often more to a security’s valuation than meets the eye.

Iris Harvey, Director in Guernsey, explores the jurisdiction’s introduction of a bespoke private wealth structuring tool, the Family Relationship Private Investment Fund. 

In this new series, the lawyers at Maitland Private Clients delve into complex issues relating to the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Anjali Huneewoth, Senior Regulatory Compliance Officer in Mauritius, explains how the 2021-2022 Mauritian Budget is poised to boost economic recovery in the country.

Anjelica Camilleri de Marco, Senior Associate in Malta, outlines the adoption of trusts in Malta and examines their tax treatment.

Anjelica Camilleri de Marco and Enrico Schintu unpick the crucial role of VASPs and how they are regulated by jurisdictions across the globe.

Mauritius’s hard-worked objective to exit the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)’s ‘grey list’ is achieving results.

With effect from 1 April 2021, our high-quality South African Corporate Services offering is provided exclusively via Maitland Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd.

Head of Operations, Manco Services – Guernsey

Director, MGSA Board

Fiduciary Specialist, Private Clients

Head of Fund Services (UK)

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