Tim Oddy, Senior Relationship Manager at Maitland, recently chatted to Sarah Soar, CEO of Hawksmoor Investment Management, a growing investment and fund management business.

Kavitha Ramachandran, Head of Business Development and Client Management (Continental Europe), based in Luxembourg, unpacks the current and future status of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

Jacolene Otto, Head of Private Equity and Real Estate, takes a closer look at gender-lens investing and explores why it is fast gaining traction among progressive investors. 

Uthmaan Jaffer, Manager – OTC Operations, outlines Maitland’s journey from manual static data management to a one-click automated solution that can handle almost every asset class in the world. 

Maitland is committed to protecting personal information and we apply the highest data protection standards available.
A success story that shows the value of Maitland’s intern programme in allowing us to unearth talent that might otherwise be missed.

Paula Bagraim, Partner, goes through the complexities of the recent relaxation of SA exchange control rules relating to loop structures and investments to encourage inward investment into SA.

Lessons in leadership a review of Robert Iger's life story

Greg Harris, Managing Director of Maitland Private Clients, takes inspiration from his bookshelf to shape his thoughts and leadership style. He will be sharing the lessons he learns, as well as his insights in a series of book reviews.

Maitland’s global Investment Services team launches educational series to provide commentary on topics that they find of interest and that affect their investment decisions.

Toward the end of 2020, despite the challenges of COVID-19, our London team were able to move into new offices in Mayfair.

Direct from the boardroom, Hannah Le Page, Manager – Operational Governance & Risk in Guernsey, shares the four key issues boards are tackling in 2021.

Brendan Harmse touches on how companies that are financially restructured can avoid pitfalls and benefit from independent escrow and treasury intermediary services.

Anjali Huneewoth, Senior Regulatory Compliance Officer, discusses the importance of disclosing Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), highlighting the Mauritian regulator’s robust efforts in this regard. 

Anjelica Camilleri de Marco, Senior Associate, discusses a few recent legislative changes to the existing Maltese residency programmes, all designed to enhance the attractiveness of the Island further to foreign investors and potential immigrants.

November 2019

Manager – Corporate Governance Services, Maitland Corporate Services

Jan Reyneke

Manager – Structured Finance & Agency Services, Maitland Corporate Services

Manager – Corporate Financial Management Services, Maitland Corporate Services

Finance Manager, Corporate & Manco Services, Luxembourg

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