On 18 October 2018, 25 Maitland employees graduated successfully from the Financial Markets and Instruments (FMI) Learnership programme that they had commenced in January 2018.

The programme was customised for Maitland by the Novia One Group and delivered at a National Certificate level as a SETA Accredited NQF level 6 qualification. The level of the course was aligned to the CFA Claritas or CFA Level 1 programme, enhanced specifically with South African content relating to the regulatory framework or latest trends like digitisation or disruption in financial markets.

The course was wide-ranging, covering modules such as:

  • Disruption and digitisation; industry overview and industry structure
  • Investment vehicles; functioning of financial markets
  • Regulations and ethics
  • Basic principles; macro and micro economics
  • International trade and currencies
  • Statistical concepts and the value of money
  • Money markets and debt instruments
  • Equities and derivatives
  • Colour accounting
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Alternative instruments and technical analysis
  • Banking; treasury and custody; settlement; clearing
  • Risk management and cyber security
  • Portfolio management and performance evaluation
  • Corporate finance
  • Portfolio of Evidence preparation and leadership workshop
  • Written examination and online Portfolio of Evidence submission deadline

The programme entailed four blocks of four full-day classes each, workbook practical application tasks, mentoring and a learning log that needed to be completed. The final assessment entailed submitting a portfolio of evidence that demonstrated practical application and knowledge of all modules completed during the learnership.

In addition, Novia One made available to participants certain online course work which included “softer” life skills and influential leadership.

The graduation ceremony was a huge success with Richard Moore (Head of HR), Neal de Graaf (CIO) and Guido Frederico (Head of TFS) congratulating the employees and sharing some of their personal development journey with the graduates. Thanks were expressed to the mentors who had shared their time and knowledge with the students and guided them to a successful completion of the programme.

The top academic achievers were:

  • Amy-Leigh Brown
  • Tintswalo Homu
  • Hayley Kearns


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