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Investment Policy


The Board’s objective is to exceed the benchmark index over the long term whilst managing risk.

The Company invests in equities with an emphasis on smaller companies. UK smaller companies will normally constitute at least 80% of the investment portfolio. UK smaller companies include both listed securities and those quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”).

The investment portfolio will normally lie in the range of 80% to 100% of shareholders’ funds and therefore gearing will normally be between -20% and 0%. As a result of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Regulations 2013 it has been decided that the Company will not use gearing.

In January 2021 the Board reviewed the performance of the Company in the context of the investment objective, the investment policy and the continuation of the Company. The Directors unanimously supported the continuation for a minimum period of five years to 2026.



The Board’s objective is to exceed the benchmark index over the long term whilst managing risk.

To achieve this objective, the Board continues with its long-term strategy of seeking out undervalued investments that have characteristics consistent with a matrix of criteria developed by the Investment Director. This is supported by the five-yearly review that addresses the above objective. The latest review was conducted in January 2021, which concluded that the continuation of the Company for the period until July 2026 was in the best interests of shareholders.

The Board fulfils its investment objective and policy by operating as an investment company, enabling it to delegate operational matters to specialised third-party service providers. The close-ended nature of the Company allows a longer-term view on investments and means liquidity issues as a result of redemptions are less likely to arise.

In pursuing its strategy, close attention is also paid to the control of costs. Further information on this is contained in the Key Performance Indicators on page 13.



There is a rigorous process of risk analysis at the level of the individual investment, based on the characteristics of the investee company. This controls the overall risk profile of the investment portfolio, allowing a higher level of concentration in the investment portfolio.

In January 2021, the Board reviewed the levels of concentration within the investment portfolio and agreed with the Investment Manager that the portfolio would be refocused in 2021 to balance risk and improve performance.

The investment portfolio is managed on a medium-term basis with a low level of investment turnover. This minimises transaction costs and ensures medium-term consistency of the investment approach.

 The Company’s investment activities are subject to the following limitations and restrictions:

The policy does not envisage hedging either against price or currency fluctuations. Whilst performance is compared against major UK indices, the composition of indices has no influence on investment decisions or the construction of the portfolio. As a result, it is expected that the Company’s investment portfolio and performance will deviate from the comparator indices.

 Full details of the Company’s portfolio are set out on page 8 and further information is set out in Notes 8 to 11 inclusive.


AIFMD Directive

The Board has been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority to be a Small Registered Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”).


Non Mainstream Investment Products

The Financial Conduct Authority rules in relation to non-mainstream pooled investments do not apply to the Company.


Company Announcements

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Company Statutory History & Filings

The Company’s statutory history and publicly available documents are available from the Companies House website here

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