ManCo examples

Maitland’s RAIF and SICAV / SIF solutions in Luxembourg, together with our ACD and AIFM capabilities in the UK and Dublin, facilitate the rapid set-up of a fund structure best suited to the investment management and distribution strategy of the manager in question.

Here are a few examples of our solutions in practice:

UCITS IV Master-Feeder Structure

We assisted a UK-based fund manager to design a UCITS Master-Feeder structure utilising the legislation brought in under UCITS IV.

This was achieved with the passporting of Maitland’s UK UCITS ManCo permissions into Ireland to set up an Irish ICAV structure for our client.


We set up a RAIF on behalf of a client to facilitate investment in a German real estate fund. There was a need to carefully align the fund structure to the sponsor’s tax and regulatory requirements while providing guidance on how to navigate the regulatory landscape to ensure optimal distribution. This example demonstrates Maitland’s ability to provide an end-to-end solution for a RAIF. The client now has a solid foothold in Europe and feedback has been very positive.

PERE solution for a Gibraltar fund

Maitland successfully used its multi-jurisdictional capability and end-to-end AIFMD-compliant PERE solution to help a Gibraltar-based fund to gain credibility in its EU marketing.

The fund is an eligible investor fund (EIF) in the form of a protected cell company (PCC). The fund invests in commercial and residential real estate in Germany and Switzerland and wanted to increase its marketing presence. The client also wanted an end-to-end solution which Maitland was able to provide

Cross-border UCITS solution

Maitland was one of the first fund service providers to make use of the UCITS IV passporting regime and operate a cross-border UCITS ManCo.

We were able to assist a UK client by leveraging our UK UCITS permissions and Maitland’s existing and substantial presence in Luxembourg to set up a Luxembourg SICAV structure for our client under the Luxembourg UCITS regime.


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