How we work

An end-to-end service, across borders

Our clients are internationally mobile and they live in a complex world. Maitland embraces the complexity to create solutions that offer simplicity – and peace of mind. This is why Maitland operates a one-firm model, through which we integrate all the services we provide.

Our focus is on the relationship with you, from which all else flows. You have one main contact person at Maitland with access to our worldwide expertise. Here are some examples of how the one-firm model works.

A trusted adviser dedicated to your needs

You will have a senior adviser who will take the time to get to know you and your unique set of circumstances and requirements.

Our approach works – many of our original clients of 40 years ago remain with us to this day. Learn more about our firm’s history here.

Team of specialists

Your dedicated adviser is supported with worldwide, one-firm expertise, accessing a team of specialists from each of the relevant service streams – be they legal, fiduciary or investment services – in each of the relevant jurisdictions.

We are particularly careful to avoid any conflict of interest among our various service lines.

Examples of our work


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