Family office services

Maitland provides the full spectrum of international family office services, ranging from legal advice, the set-up and management of structures, investment advisory, reporting and fiduciary services. Many of our clients have been with us for decades.

Maitland can run your family office, either comprehensively or as a consultant to key family members. This service is tailored to the needs of each family.

Smaller family structures may choose simply to “buy in” investment advice, administrative, corporate, trust and compliance services and legal expertise, all of which are offered by Maitland as and when required. For larger families a core service is available which provides a single interface between a family and all its affairs, as well as a wide range of underlying services.

These include providing personalised care and focused strategic direction for the family’s interests, supervising and managing its investments, managing its legal affairs and tax compliance and assisting in identifying and achieving family objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

Maitland ensures that the family’s financial, personal and philanthropic objectives are considered in the context of its attitude to risk. We develop a strategy to harmonise the family’s financial interests with its culture, paying due regard to the needs, aspirations and concerns of each family member. A succession plan is defined for all key service providers to the family’s interests, and the wisdom and knowledge of key family members are documented and available to the structures in the future.


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