Maitland provides an extensive set of services to support the distribution of investment fund products and the servicing of investors, intermediaries and the fund promoter. We view Transfer Agency (TA) as increasingly strategic for ourselves and our clients in an environment in which the demands of product innovation, regulatory reform, compliance and the end-user experience are driving traditional TA to a new level.

Asset managers can rely on Maitland as a trusted partner to deliver efficient record-keeping and service excellence, including a wide array of reporting capabilities.

What sets us apart

  • Best of breed technology – Oracle’s Flexcube
  • A multi-product, multi-jurisdictional single platform to allow you to grow, onshore or offshore
  • We support multi-currencies and multi-domiciles across our entire services portfolio
  • Subject matter experts at hand to advise on legislation

Why outsource TA?

Global regulatory trends are in favour of informing and protecting the end-investor and as a result distribution and investor communication have taken on new significance and complexities.

Well-delivered TA can improve customer service, enhance margins and ultimately increase assets under management. By outsourcing the TA function to a specialist, the fund manager can focus on their core business of creating alpha. If the TA function is delivered successfully, managers will be proud to brand end-investor communication with their logo – without the hassle of the important but painstaking back-office work.

Maitland offers a flexible set of services including:

  • Maintenance of the fund register
  • Validation of investor due diligence in line with anti-money laundering legislation including Know Your Client (KYC), the Foreign Account Taxation Compliance Act (FATCA) and any relevant local legislation
  • Investor transaction validation, processing and settlement
  • Reconciliation and accounting of shareholder trading including cash management
  • Administration of fund distributions
  • Intermediary support including commission and fee processing and provision of flexible reporting
  • Set-up of new funds, products and ManCos /sponsors
  • Generation and distribution of an extensive suite of ‘branded’ investor correspondence (transaction confirmation, valuation statements, tax reporting etc.)
  • Data extracts to feed client systems, such as CRM and call centres
  • Dedicated Client Service Manager with SLAs, KPIs and regular service meetings, including ongoing support for new developments

In South Africa:

  • Market interfaces to SARS, ASISA, FinSwitch, fund accounting platform
  • Internet portal, branded as required, to deliver online investor information and trading capability
  • Only third-party TA administrator to use Flexcube

In the UK:

  • Dedicated sponsors dealing and enquiry line
  • Access to all fund literature in a sponsor sub-domain on our website


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