ACD and AIFM Services

Maitland provides fiduciary oversight and fund setup services as part of being Authorised Corporate Director (ACD), Alternative Investment Fund manager (AIFM) or Unit Trust Manager (UTM).

As the FCA regulated ACD, AIFM or UTM we are responsible for the set-up, oversight and operation of the chosen fund structure. We work with the Fund Sponsor to define the optimum fund structure for the project, such as a UCITS, NURS or QIS, and will draw up the Fund Prospectus and necessary supporting documentation for submission to the FCA for approval. 


  • Investment Management 

Maitland is responsible for the appointment and on-going due diligence of the Investment Manager. Portfolio Management of the fund is delegated to the sponsor’s chosen Investment Manager through the Investment Management Agreement (IMA) a contractual agreement between the Fund and the Manager.

  • Fund Administration

Maitland is responsible for the appointment and on-going due diligence of the Fund Administrator. We perform oversight and regular due diligence on the Fund Administrator to ensure the risk and control environment in each entity is fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

  • Daily Portfolio Monitoring

The compliance monitoring team perform daily compliance checks on each fund portfolio to ensure the fund is not in breach of regulatory Investment and Borrowing Powers or the stated Investment Guidelines.

We review each portfolio daily using a fully automated monitoring system which highlights potential investment breaches and care issues, which are then reviewed with the Investment Manager.

  • Portfolio Stress Testing

As the ACD, AIFM or UTM we perform regular liquidity stress testing of the portfolios.

  • Fund Documentation 

We are responsible for and review all Prospectus, KIID, SIID documentation together with any supporting marketing material.


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