Fund Accounting

We provide a comprehensive fund accounting, valuation and pricing service for a wide range of fund types and jurisdictions including Open Ended Investment Companies, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, Tax Elective Funds, Venture Capital Trusts and Limited Partnerships.

The Fund Accounting service includes:

  • NAV Calculation and Fund Pricing

The official Fund NAV is computed daily, weekly or monthly, as appropriate, at the chosen valuation point. For funds on a weekly or monthly pricing cycle we will nevertheless produce a daily NAV for reconciliation to the manager’s investment book of records and to ensure that prices for individual lines of stock can be checked within the normal daily price checking  and control procedures, minimising the opportunity for pricing error.

  • Annual and Interim Report and Accounts

Maitland will produce, print and distribute the half yearly and yearly report and accounts to shareholders.

  • Preparing and Submitting Tax Computations to HMRC

Tax liabilities and computations are included in the NAV calculation. The fund’s auditors then agree these calculations and are responsible for filing the submissions with the relevant tax authorities. 


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