Investment Operations

Maitland provides a comprehensive Investment Operations Service that fulfils the functions traditionally performed in an Investment Manager’s ‘middle office’. The Investment Operations Service includes:

Trade Confirmation and Settlement Processing

The trade processing team take unconfirmed trade instructions directly from the investment manager for matching with the broker. Maitland enables end-to-end Straight Through Processing through the use of electronic instruction and automated matching services through OMGEO.

Maitland’s core platform enables the trade matching and accounting functions to be initiated with the input of a single trade instruction, eliminating the need for reconciliation and potential error.

Once confirmed the trade is passed directly to the Custodian for settlement via SWIFT messaging.

Corporate Action Processing

The Corporate Actions unit monitor corporate action notifications from the Custodian and from independent pricing sources. The unit solicit instructions from the fund manager on voluntary corporate actions and send those instructions on to the Custodian for processing.

The Corporate Actions unit reconcile the proceeds of the corporate action to the Custodian records and to the NAV. The ‘single record’ aspect of our systems reduces the opportunity for error and streamlines the reconciliation process.

Dividend and Income Processing

The Corporate Actions and Pricing team monitor bonds, securities and funds to agree the entitlement to income.

Cash Management and Reconciliation

The Cash Management team maintain the bank accounts, make cash payments for the settlement of fees and the payment of dividend distributions. The cash team also make daily reconciliations of the cash positions to the NAV and the Custodian Bank accounts


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